Jackie DeShannon
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    Jackie has recorded with many of the music industry’s biggest names, including Elvis Presley. The ‘Laurel Canyon’ album has performances by Barry White, Russ Titleman and Dr. John. She also recorded with Van Morrison, and Brian Wilson  
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    Artists who have performed or recorded songs written or co-written by Jackie include: Bruce Springsteen, Pam Tillis, the Searchers, Steppenwolf, Cher, the Righteous Brothers, Van Morrison, Marianne Faithfull, Brenda Lee, the Byrds, the Carpenters, Kim Carnes, Gwynneth Paltrow. 'When You Walk In The Room' has been recorded by over 50 artists.  
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    Jackie has performed or toured with the Beach Boys, Van Morrison, Neil Diamond, Glenn Campbell, John Prine, the Righteous Brothers, Ry Cooder, the Association, the Rolling Stones, Jefferson Airplane, Canned Heat and James Brown. And of cours, the Beatles.,  
    “It was really something to be on that very first Beatles tour. We did practically six weeks of one-nighters. I mean we really burned across the country. We played everything from baseball parks to auditoriums."  

Jackie opening for Beatles
at Las Vegas Convention Center
August 20, 1964
    Artists with whom Jackie has co-written include: Jack Nitzsche, Randy Newman, Van Morrison, Carol Bayer Saegher, Michael McDonald, Randy Edelman, Duane Hitchings, John Bettis, Donna Weiss, Jimmy Holiday, Randy Myers. Jackie also worked with Jimmy Page early in his career.  
    "When I was recording in England I was looking for a really good acoustic player. I heard there was this new kid who had been playing around a lot. So I played him this thing, my little riff, which I was very picky about how exactly I wanted it. But Jimmy played it back to me, of course ten times better, and it was perfect; it was great!"