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"When You Walk In The Room"
    When You Walk In The Room
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  Wall Street Journal
  "Instead of tackling the material the way it was originally recorded by her and other artists, Ms. DeShannon has created a warm, folk-country feel that occasionally reveals her Kentucky twang... There also are surprises—like "Don't Doubt Yourself Babe," penned for the Byrds' first album in 1965, and "Bad Water," which deftly exhibits Ms. DeShannon's rich blues chops..."
  "Jackie looks back, armed with acoustic guitar. Few equal their greatest work in their 67th year, but Hazel Kentucky's Jackie DeShannon has done just that...Her "Needles and Pins" and the title track, both big hits for The Searchers in the UK in 1964, have never sounded so full of heartache and yearning. "Put A Little Love in Your Heart," her US Number 2 in 1968, becomes pure delicious country pop here, while a slowed down stripped to very bone "Breakaway" which was covered by Irma Thomas and Tracey Ullman in 1964 and 1983 respectively emphasizes her huge talent for tunesmithery."
  The Philadelphia Inquirer
  "This year Jackie DeShannon was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. So its fitting that her new album revisits some of her classics and less well-known material in a way that highlights the strength of the writing (as well as the depth of her expressiveness as a singer). It's a quiet stunner..."
  Elmore Magazine
  "Billed as 'Mile Markers' in her long and storied career, each track on Jackie DeShannon's new album is recycled, meaning you've heard these before. But I guarantee you've never heard them like this...Even so, throughout the album, DeShannon's ageless vocals give new depth - and definition - to old classics."
"DeShannon has continued to record prolifically in the ensuing decades, with numerous triumphs on such labels as Imperial, Capitol, Atlantic, Columbia, Amherst and Varese Sarabande to her credit. From venture to venture, she has continued to grow and develop as an artist, solidifying her impeccable legacy in the progress... All of which makes the project at hand somewhat of an anomaly at first glance. Given the perfectionist ethic that has driven her muse from the onset, it would seem that any attempts at revisiting previous triumphs would be an exercise in redundancy... However, true to form, DeShannon’s vision is one that is borne out succinctly in the results. The eleven career landmarks revisited here were unique in their original form as much for their lavish and well conceived arrangements as they were for the songwriting genius that created them. It is the latter attribute that is showcased here, with impressive results .While this new collection will probably not put to rest the ongoing debate about remakes, When You Walk In The Room reiterates beyond any shadow of a doubt the wisdom of the decision. To be certain, Jackie DeShannon has taken her own advice to heart: Don’t Doubt Yourself Babe.
  Icon Magazine
  "She opts for stripped-down arrangements, and the less-is-more approach works well on the title track as her sense of yearning comes to the forefront. “Needles and Pins” is slowed-down folk-rock and gives the song a feeling of understated desperation.“Put a Little Love in Your Heart” and “What The World Needs Now is Love” are secular sermons on the power of love whose message remains timeless. The latter, written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, shows the undiminished power of DeShannon’s voice as she is accompanied by just an acoustic guitar. “Don’t Doubt Yourself Babe” is a song of empowerment that dates from the mid-1960s, while “Will You Stay in My Life,” a newer song, shows her romantic side and ends the album on an upbeat note."
  American Songwriter
  "The tunes—mostly self or co-penned — are timeless, her voice is strong and committed and the acoustic based musicians play with subtle authority, supporting yet staying out of the way of the memorable melodies. Selections such as “Breakaway”–once a simplistic fizzy pop ditty– are reduced to their roots, often ballad tempo basics and given a pensive new lease on life. One excellent new track, beautifully recorded audio and a few obscurities make this low key collection from one of the rock and pop’s finest songsmith's an intimate and revealing listen."
  Windy City Times

"It was not until I previewed Jackie DeShannon's When You Walk in the Room that I realized how many popular songs she had written. Here, she favors an angelic, yet stripped-down production as she recounts her catalog. The divine title track is an ideal wedding song. Kim Carnes and Tracey Ullman hit the charts with "Bette Davis Eyes" and "Breakaway," respectively. DeShannon has a "new image" here by focusing on the lyric without the new wave production of these classics."

  The Morton Report
  "What a welcome surprise in 2011 to find Jackie DeShannon still capable of melting hearts at the turn of a verse. Her voice has deepened, sure, but with lyrics like these that only makes the emotions expressed even more inescapable. "Heart in Hand" is a two-hankie song at minimum, and her cover of "What the World Needs Now is Love" feels like a prayer that needs an immediate answer. Jackie Nitzsche and Sonny Bono's "Needles & Pins" is even better now than then, and that includes the Searchers' almost-perfect cover..."When You Walk In The Room" is the finest proof that sometimes age actually works in the artist's favor, allowing them to slow down and find their own pace. Jackie DeShannon shines so brightly today its like a distant star has returned closer to the planet, allowing all who want to see what was once here... Call it the miracle of music and listen often."
  Springfield (MA) Republican
  "Jackie DeShannon still has it going on... The voice that charmed a generation is still in fine form as she moves through classics like "When You Walk in The Room..." Tracks to download -- "When You Walk In the Room" "Bette Davis Eyes."
  The Daily News (Pittsburgh metro)
  "On “When You Walk in the Room,” she’s re-recorded a handful of songs from her past — many of which became hits for other artists — and the results are nothing short of spectacular. Among the DeShannon-penned standouts on the 11-track release are “Put a Little Love in Your Heart,” “Bette Davis Eyes,” the title track, “Bad Water” and “Come and Stay With Me.” There also are a pair of heartfelt covers in “What the World Needs Now is Love” and “Needles & Pins.” Stellar work from a living legend.
  "It’s a delight to hear Deshannon’s low-register delivery is as strong and vibrant as it was back in her heyday. But her self-retrospective is a collection with fresh interpretations, and it all sounds like she’s performing the set in your living room and not on a remote stage."
  Vintage Rock
  "This iconic American songwriter and singer's sweet acoustic songs are represented perfectly on the stellar 12-song disc... There's also a new song called "Will You Stay In My Life" which features the soft imagery we have come to know and love from DeShannon. "When You Walk In The Room" is a great collection by a truly great American songwriter and singer."
  "It’s been an amazing 50 years for singer/songwriter Jackie DeShannon. She started out in the late ’50s, a young woman in the predominantly male songwriting game. A sunny blonde with a voice both delicate and sultry, she made her name as a performer as well, even holding the dubious honor of being chosen by The Beatles as their opening act for their first North American tour."